Special Events

*Notice:  The Ladies Change Room is currently undergoing maintenance.  Toilet stalls and sinks are available, the changing area and showers open Saturday November 18, 07:30.  Need to shower? The faculty shower will be made available for quick showers.  Thank you for your patience. 250-590-8206


Saturday November 18: Enhancing the Senses: Blindfolded Yin Yoga

Practice Pratyahara; removal of the senses.  Here you will be guided on an intuitive journey through the Chakra system through a slower moving Yin Yoga class.  Heighten your understanding and interpretation of the subtle body energy centers in relation o the poses without the aid of sight.  Handmade blindfolds are gifted to you on the day.  Duration 90 minutes. Tuition $20

Saturday November 25: Kundalini Yoga + The Sound of the Gong

Kundalini Yoga brings students to a new state of calm, peaceful awareness by activating, balancing and deeply relaxing systems in the body and the mind.  Gong yoga takes this experience even further.  Vibrations - and the mysteries - of primal sound can lead to even deeper feelings of physical and emotional well being.  Duration 120 minutes.  Tuition $25